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Over the years, the kitchen may seem old and dull, and then renovation and change in it is very necessary, but the process of renovating the kitchen and changing its design is very expensive, in addition to the great effort and chaos that may occur in the kitchen, which takes a long time.

Simple and inexpensive changes, by renewing the paint of cabinets and doors, which gives the kitchen a beautiful and attractive appearance, and this can be done by changing the colors of painting wooden furniture such as cabinet doors, drawers, doors, and the dining table, using good types of paint; Like latex paint made of acrylic, because it is a substance with a slight odor, and is easy to clean with soap and water.

In this article, we review the steps for painting kitchen cabinets.

Tools needed to paint kitchen cabinets

  • A special paint for wood such as latex paint.
  • Roller brush for painting tires and sides.
  • Square paint brush.

Steps to paint kitchen cabinets

1. Empty the contents of cupboards and drawers

First, the cabinets and drawers should be emptied, then the shelves should be pulled out of the cabinets, cleaned and dried, in order to prepare them for painting.

2. Remove cabinet and drawer doors

When planning to paint wooden kitchen cabinets and drawers, they must be removed by removing the screws, cabinet handles, drawers and rings in them with a suitable screwdriver, and then removing the door hinges using a drill.

3. Cleaning cupboards and drawers

Before you start painting cabinets and drawers, they must be cleaned, by spraying a little grease solvent on the frames of cabinets and doors, wiping them gently with a sponge to avoid scratching the wood, then wiping them with a damp cloth, then wiping the drawers and shelves, taking care to clean the corners of the cabinets, Leave it for at least an hour to dry completely.

4. Paint gloss removal

Liquid shine remover is available in home appliance stores, and it can be used by applying an amount on a piece of cloth and rubbing the sides of doors and drawers with it. It should be noted the need to wear rubber gloves, then leave the polish remover to dry completely for at least 30 minutes, taking care not to touch it. By hand, this can cause damage to the leather. You can also sand the cabinets instead of using a glossy remover, using sanding paper, then wiping the cabinets to remove dust.

5. Putting the base paint

Applying one or two layers of the base paint helps protect the main paint from cracking, and it fixes it well on cabinet doors. The base paint can be applied to cupboards, drawers, and shelves using a medium-bristled brush, and then let it dry for at least three hours.

6. Painting the cabinets from the inside

Work areas must be covered with masking tape before starting to apply paint; In order to avoid painting the areas surrounding the cabinets, then a quantity of paint is poured into a special tray to facilitate dipping the cylindrical brush with paint, and then you can start applying paint to the cabinet frames, taking care to put thin and even layers, and it should be noted that the layers of paint should dry completely before starting to apply A new layer, then work on painting the cabinets from the inside out, by painting the interior back part and then moving the brush to the front face, taking care to deliver the paint to the corners of the cabinets using the square brush, then start painting the door fronts, drawers and shelves, taking care to leave The paint is not less than 6-8 hours to dry completely in a well-ventilated place, and you can confirm that the paint has dried by touching it, and a layer of polyurethane can also be applied to protect the cabinets; It is an insulating material that prevents leakage and should be left to dry completely.

7. Installing doors and drawers

After the paint has dried, the cabinet parts must be installed, by starting with the shelves, drawers, and cabinet door hinges in their correct place using a screwdriver, taking care to avoid tightening them too much to prevent the paint from cracking.

Mistakes to avoid when painting kitchen cabinets

There are many mistakes that can occur when painting wooden kitchen cabinets, including the following:

  • Not to block the holes in the cabinets, as they can appear clearly after installing the paint, so it is necessary to put a special paste to fill the holes, and then work on sanding it, before applying the paint.
  • Take the time to paint the kitchen, at least 4-7 days.
  • Clean surfaces thoroughly from grease and dust before applying paint; To avoid paint instability, or bubbles appearing on the paint surface.
  • Not removing doors and drawers to save time, causing paint to crack gradually.
  • Applying the paint the wrong way, so be sure to start in order, and avoid working in a haphazard way.
  • Choosing a paint that is not suitable for the type of cabinet wood.
  • Install doors, drawers, and shelves before they are completely dry, which can smudge the paint.


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