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The bedroom furniture can be subjected to some scratches or blows that distort its surface, and the color of the paint can fade, as the color of the chairs can change, or surface scratches occur in the drawers or cupboard, which requires changing or painting, and painting furniture is one of the easiest Ways to give old or scratched furniture a new touch, as this step is a kind of change and renewal, and in this article we will explain how to paint wooden furniture in the bedroom and change its colors again.

1- Preparing the paint tools

Repainting furniture requires the use of simple tools that can be purchased at paint stores. The following is a list of tools needed to paint furniture:

  • Brushes for oil paint or acrylic paint.
  • Small roller brush, and refill coils.
  • Water based paint.
  • Colored water-based paint.
  • Acrylic colour.
  • sandpaper;
  • wood putty;

2- Preparing the parts for painting

After the painting supplies are complete, it is necessary to prepare the pieces of furniture that need painting; By placing it over a large piece of cloth, or a large plastic tablecloth, taking care to open the windows and doors to obtain good ventilation for the place, and it should be noted the necessity of wearing gloves and a face mask before starting the process of painting the furniture.

3- Remove the handles for the furniture pieces

 Some pieces of furniture include small parts that can be removed easily, such as handles, so these pieces must be removed; To prevent some drops of paint from reaching it, as well as making it easier to apply paint evenly on all parts of the furniture, these pieces can also be changed and buy new ones, to give a kind of renewal to the furniture after painting.

4- Cover scratched surfaces

Before starting the process of painting furniture pieces, all hollow or scratched surfaces must be covered and filled with wood putty and putty knife, making sure to fill them well, and avoid leaving any gaps in the pieces, besides taking care to scrape off the excess putty with a putty knife, to make the surface of the wood even, Then it should be left to dry completely.

5- sanding the furniture

After the wood paste has dried on the pieces of furniture that will be painted, it must be sanded using sandpaper, as it removes the remnants of the old paint.

6- Scan furniture

After sanding the furniture, it is necessary to get rid of the remnants of dust resulting from scraping the paint, to make the surface of the furniture pieces clean before you start applying the paint on them, by wiping the surface of the furniture pieces with a cloth dampened with a little water.

7- Laying the foundation

The importance of applying a base coat for paint lies in fixing the color of the paint on the furniture, and this can be done by using a soft-bristled brush, and wiping the surface of the furniture with a soft layer of paint, or by spraying paint on the surface of the furniture. Paint, taking care to let each layer dry before applying the other layer, and then you must sand the base using sandpaper, as this step helps to connect the paint to the base layer, and care must be taken to wipe the sawdust or dust resulting from sanding using a cloth, then put a layer A third of the base is applied to the surface of the furniture, to ensure that the entire surface is covered.

8- paint mode

After the sanding of the furniture has been completed, and the base layer is laid, it is possible to start painting the furniture, using a small cylindrical brush. So that the bristles of the brush do not get stuck to the surface of the furniture while painting, taking care to put three layers of paint on the furniture, and leave the paint until it dries completely between each layer and the other, then leave the pieces to dry for about 6-8 hours, or until the paint is completely dry .

9- Apply acrylic paint

When the paint dries completely on the furniture, it must be painted with a layer of acrylic color, which works to protect the paint from scratching, and gives the paint a beautiful shine, and then it must be left until it dries completely before installing previously removed furniture parts such as handles, or new pieces that have been Purchased to renew the shape of the furniture, and it must be installed in the correct place, and it is worth noting that the painted pieces of furniture need a few days or up to approximately 72 hours to dry completely, and that using them before the paint dries completely may cause some scratches or dings, so it is necessary to Than leave it a few days before using it.


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