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Barbecue activity is one of the popular activities for individuals during the summer, and barbecue usually needs auxiliary tools such as the grill (manufacturer), and other things that can be purchased from stores in various shapes, designs and sizes, and can be made at home using simple tools at a much lower cost than commercial, and in This article will show you how to make a home charcoal grill of different sizes and types.

How to make a grill at home 

The grill is one of the easiest tools that can be made at home, using different household tools, and the following are mentioned for these methods:

Mini Grill

This grill can be made by following these steps:

  • Bring a metal clip and a single-use tin tray.
  • Put approximately 2.5 cm of charcoal inside the tray.
  • Placing the tray on a non-combustible surface, such as a group of cement bricks or something similar.
  • Ignite the charcoal in the appropriate way, and put the clamp over the tray so that the grill is ready to arrange the foods he wants to grill.

Metal can grill 

A small grill can be made to grill simple foods such as sausages and small pieces of meat, using iron cans of cylindrical shape, by following one of the following methods:

First method

  1. Clean the can well of food residues, and it is recommended to buy an empty can so that its lid is present, or use a piece of iron or wires instead of the lid so that the grill is covered on both sides.
  2. Cut the can from the middle lengthwise.
  3. Make four holes in one half of the can, keeping them parallel to each other, and inserting screws and nuts to make grill feet.
  4. Hinged installation on the middle of the bottom of the case.
  5. Place the other half behind the footed half and secure them together using the appropriate hinge and screws.
  6. Put a screw in the middle of the upper half of the can to make it easier to open and close.
  7. Fill the can with charcoal, ignite it and place a small grille made of thin metal wire over it, and the grill is ready for use.

The second method

  • Thoroughly clean the iron can and dispose of its lid.
  • Use the scalpel to cut the can longitudinally for several strips of up to three-quarters of their length only, leaving the last quarter of the can uncut.
  • Open the cut slices out a little so that they are in the shape of a rose or a tilted fan, and cover the box with tin foil.
  • Put the charcoal in the bottom of the can, and put the iron grate on the chopper slides so that the grill is ready for use.

potted grill

Clay pottery can be used to make a grill by following one of the following methods:

First method

The pot can be prepared to become a grill by following the following things:

  1. Bring a pot at least 30 cm deep.
  2. Put a pottery dish for the pot underneath to make it easier to carry when the pot gets hot during grilling.
  3. Fill the pot halfway with sand to prevent heat from reaching the base, so it can be placed on any surface safely.
  4. Ignite a quantity of charcoal outside the pot, then put a layer of it inside the pot using tongs, and avoid increasing its quantity so that the heat in the pot does not rise, leading to its breakage.
  5. Put a ready-made metal clip on the pot and the grill is ready to use.
  6. Clay grill can be turned off by placing an earthenware dish on top of it, and water should be avoided in it so that it does not break due to the sudden temperature difference.

The second method 

This method is similar to the previous one in terms of basic materials, but differs in application, and it can be prepared through the following things:

  1. Bring a flexible metal mesh and cut part of it in the form of a circle with a diameter equal to the diameter of the pot.
  2.  Put 5 cm of sand at the bottom of the pot.
  3. Make a tray of tin paper and place it over the sand to put the charcoal in.
  4. Lay the charcoal pieces to make layers about 5 cm long, and light them in the appropriate way.
  5. Put the cut mesh inside the pot to be curved with the walls of the pot so that foods are placed on it steadily, so that the grill is ready for use.

Metal Bucket Grill

A grill can be made using an ungalvanized metal bucket, by following these steps:

  • Bring a 7 liter bucket.
  • Make ventilation holes at the bottom on all sides, taking into account that these holes are 15 cm away from the base, and the diameter of each hole is approximately two centimeters, and each hole is approximately 5 cm away from the other.
  • Put the charcoal in the bucket and ignite it in the appropriate way.
  • Putting iron grills suitable for placing food, so that the grill is ready for use.

Types of grills

The types of grills that can be used at home are divided into the following types:

1. Open grills

It is the grill that is made in the form of a box, and charcoal is placed in its base, and food can be grilled directly on the fire, which makes it provide high heat to suit the types of food that ripen quickly, such as kebabs, vegetables, and others.

2. Covered grills

They are grills that have a cover that can be opened and closed, which helps in grilling foods directly or indirectly or smoking foods in them. They are available in several designs, such as spherical that depend on coal or cylindrical that uses gas, and thanks to its large size, it is used for grilling large foods.

3. Thick grills

These are the grills that are distinguished by their thick ceramic walls, which makes the grilling hotter next to the used fuel source, and they can be used to cook pasta directly on their walls or on trays designated for them.

4. Rotary grills

They are grills that contain rotating iron shafts that help cook foods from all sides and indirectly over the fire.

5. smoky grills

They are grills that rely on smoke to cook foods, which makes them provide a low to medium heat, to suit the types of foods that need to cook for a long time.


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