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Many people prefer to print a specific sentence on a set of papers, and this sentence may be an inscription, or it may be a specific logo, or it may be the name of a store, or the name of a person, but the process of buying a stamp and designing it is expensive, so it is possible to make a stamp at home Using simple methods, using materials available at home, or easily obtainable, and in this article we will review many ways to make a stamp at home.

1. Make a stamp using the eraser

You can make a stamp using the eraser, but before that, you must practice drawing the required shape on a sheet of paper more than once. It is not possible to start drawing the desired stamp without practicing its shape and formats. To make a stamp using the eraser, the following steps can be followed:

Draw the desired shape on the eraser using a pencil, or any pen for marking and drawing the outlines. It is worth noting that the image must be drawn in reverse; Because the image appears in reverse when printed on paper, and any type or shape of eraser can be used, whether large or small, and the color of the eraser does not matter either.

Cut off the excess parts of the stamp drawn on the eraser, this allows to obtain a more accurate and clear stamp, and any sharp tool can be used to cut the eraser such as a knife, scalpel, scissors or any other tool.

Putting colored ink or paint on the stamp cut from the eraser, and then placing the eraser on the paper, and we will notice that an image of the stamp has been formed on the paper. Be careful with that, and don't cut any of the extra pieces.

Wipe the seal after use using wet baby wipes, as baby wipes contain lanolin that moisturizes rubber, and this makes the seal last longer, and the seal can be cleaned using a toothbrush, and any type of detergent, and it is necessary to avoid the use of any type of alcohol to dry the seal; This is because it dries out the rubber.

2. Make a stamp using a sponge

A seal can be made with a sponge, and this method is ideal; This is because the sponge is available and can be obtained easily at home, and it does not spoil, and is characterized by being cheap, and lasting for a long time, and it is possible to use any type of sponge, as it is possible to use kitchen sponges that can be obtained easily, and to make a stamp using the sponge can be followed the following steps:

  1. Drawing the shape to be stamped on the sponge, and care must be taken that this shape is accurately drawn; This is because any defect in it will affect the shape of the seal.
  2. Cut the sponge in proportion to the shape of the seal to be made, and any sharp tool can be used to cut it, and care must be taken to cut it very carefully; So as to get an orderly shape for the seal.
  3. Glue the foam after cutting it to the desired shape with the handle of the toilet paper roll; This is so that we can grip the sponge when using it. The sponge can be attached to the toilet paper handle using any type of good quality glue. It is worth noting that the toilet paper handle can be decorated with any type of toilet paper; So as to cover it up and make it look good.
  4. Dip the sponge with paint, and it is necessary to pay attention not to put large amounts of paint on the sponge, otherwise the thing to be stamped will be smeared, and to solve this problem it is possible to try placing the sponge on a scrap of paper before placing it on the thing to be stamped on, and it is necessary to pay attention to the type of paint used; If you want to put a seal on the canvas, it is recommended to use the paint for the canvas, but if you want to put the seal on the walls, it is recommended to use the paint for the walls.
  5. Apply the sponge to the surface to be stamped, applying even pressure to all areas for 3-5 seconds.
  6. Washing the sponge with water after you finish drawing the stamp on the desired thing, and attention should be paid to washing it well with water; This is to get rid of any paint residue, as the drying of the paint causes the sponge to harden, and it will be difficult to use the sponge after that.


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