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How to make a suspended wooden ceiling at home

The method of making a suspended wooden ceiling is not difficult, as wood ceilings can be installed by hanging them on concrete ceilings, or by making a wooden frame to hang them on the ceiling. The frame contains main sectors, and secondary sectors to install wood tiles.

How to make a suspended wooden ceiling

Necessary tools and materials
  • Frame (wood frame).
  • A grid of mirrors, which are wooden sections (they are fixed in the direction of the width of the room).
  • Secondary sectors (fixed to the length of the room).
  • Electric drill .
  • Meters measure.
  • Khartoum scale (a scale used by construction workers).
  • Wood Saw.
  • Mercury balance (water balance).
  • Alam thread (a thick thread that is ground into a colored powder before using it).

Wooden ceiling work steps

The method of making a suspended wooden ceiling is to install a structure called a wooden trough that is fixed to the wall, and the concrete ceiling, where that trough consists of a wooden frame, and a network of the main sectors called rails, which are installed in the direction of the width of the room, in addition to the secondary sectors, after that the Install wooden tiles if the ceiling is false, or wooden panels if you want to cover the ceiling with wood.

  • Determine the place you want to install the ceiling on, then specify the dimensions in length, width, and specify the lighting locations, or any other additions.
  • Starting with wood carpentry , and preparing the wood forage, but care must be taken that the secondary sectors, wood and rails are installed in the shape of the letter T.
  • Determine the level of the false ceiling , adjust its horizontality, square it, and to do this mark two horizontal points using a manual hose scale.
  • Tighten the flag thread between the two points you marked, in order to make a horizontal line on the wall , in this way all the squares remain in the same horizontal plane, you can use the laser sherbing device, it will eliminate the need for thread .
  • Attach the frame to the wall using an electric drill. Locate the ceiling mounting hardware, then mount it to the wall.
  • Lay the main sections on the wall-mounted false ceiling frame, then place the secondary sections.
  • Then install the wooden tiles , and then distribute the lighting devices to the holes designated for them.

Ceiling installation using wood panels

The installation of the ceiling using wooden panels does not require a frame or secondary sectors, as the panels are installed on both sides of the wooden trough using anchor screws, and long wood panels such as flooring wood, MDF wood, or any other type of wood panels can be used.

Features of wooden ceilings

  • False wood ceilings are distinguished by their elegant and luxurious shape.
  • Wooden ceilings are a good sound and noise insulation.
  • Wooden false ceilings give a feeling of warmth, as they insulate heat, especially those ceilings that are exposed to the heat of the sun.
  • It is light in weight and can be easily assembled and configured.
  • Wooden ceilings are a distinctive decoration that can harmonize with all the colors of the rooms.

Disadvantages of wooden ceilings

  • Wooden ceilings are not resistant to fire .
  • Wooden ceilings cannot resist moisture, and are adversely affected by water.
  • The wood ceilings of the houses are exposed to erosion by ants and rodents, and it is a suitable place for the breeding of insects such as cockroaches.


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