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How to replace damaged tiles and repair ceramics yourself

In the event that one of the ceramic pieces in your bathroom or kitchen is damaged, there is no need to replace all the tiles, it is enough to replace the broken and damaged tile only.

All you need is great attention and the presence of the necessary tools, and read the following article carefully.

Follow our article on how to replace damaged tiles and repair home ceramics at the lowest possible costs

Necessary tools and materials

  1. Electric drill (electric drill).
  2. Small drill bit (4 or 6 mm) suitable for stone (or tile).
  3. Hammer
  4. chisel.
  5. small lever.
  6. work gloves.
  7. New tiles or ceramics (tiles of the same size and color), depending on the number of broken tiles.
  8. Serrated rulers.
  9. Tile adhesive.
  10. A little cement (or a shovel slab).
  11. Small square piece of wood.
  12. Water balance.
  13. sponge

How to replace damaged tiles and repair ceramics

  1. First, use an electric drill with a small drill bit suitable for drilling in stone, tile or ceramic, in order to drill several successive holes in the damaged tiles so that they form a diagonal line from the upper right corner to the lower left corner (45 degree slant line).
  2. Use the hammer and chisel to tap the line you made in the slab with the multiple holes earlier. With the roads also in several places in the damaged slab, and stay away from the edges as much as possible.
  3. Also use the crowbar to remove the damaged parts of the slab from its place .
  4. After removing all parts of the damaged tile or ceramic, clean the place of the tile well , by removing the dust and remnants of the previous cement or adhesive well.
  5. Now, apply an appropriate amount of ceramic adhesive , follow the instructions written on the package well before you apply it to the place of the damaged tile.
  6. After applying the adhesive, use the toothpicks to make longitudinal or transverse grooves in the adhesive to ensure better adhesion!
  7. Put the new slab in place of the old one so that it is in the middle, keeping equal distances around it so that the grout or cement is placed around it.
  8. Use the wooden piece and place it on top of the tile, to slowly knock on it using the hammer , in order to install the tile well, and make its level parallel to the tiles adjacent to it. Make sure it is also horizontal with a water level.
  9. Mix a little grout or cement of the appropriate color for the grout used in the tiles with a little water, and put this mixture in the space around the slab . Wipe the growths with a sponge dampened with water.


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