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Learn about the most important manual and electric carpentry tools

There are many tools and tools used in carpentry, and they differ among themselves according to the method of use. We use hand tools, including electric ones. Where there are basic tools that are indispensable to anyone who wants to do woodwork, and in this short article we will learn about the most important manual carpentry tools and electric carpentry tools.

carpentry tools

woodworking hand tools

  1. Manual sanding tool : It is a tool used with sandpaper to facilitate sanding wood and carving wooden parts, as it has tweezers to hold the sandpaper and use it in an easy way.
  2. Manual mouse : a tool used to smooth and level wooden surfaces, as it works to remove parts of the wooden surface to obtain the desired surface.
  3. Hand saw : It is used to cut and cut wood, and it consists of a holder for the sawing tool (the serration) and a holder to be caught by the person when sawing the wood.
  4. Screwdriver : It is used to tighten and loosen screws for wood.
  5. Hammer : It is used to hammer wood and hard materials, such as nails.
  6. Screws and nails : They are used to fasten the wooden pieces together, and the screws have a higher tensile strength than nails.
  7. Pincers : They are used to pull nails or hold one end, due to their strong claws.
  8. Right angle : It is used to define and sew the cutting process, where it has a right angle ready to be defined.
  9. Measuring tape (meter) : It is used to measure dimensions for determination and planning.
  10. Water Balance : It is used to determine the level of surfaces and to ensure that.
  11. Chisel : It is used to scrape wood and create grooves and grooves in wooden surfaces .
  12. Filer : It is used to level and smooth wood, and it is on types such as the flat file, the triangle file, and the semi-circular file, which is used to level the circular shapes.
  13. Cleats : a tool used to fix wooden pieces at the time of applying glue to them.
  14. Glue : It is a special adhesive used to stick wood pieces together.

electric woodworking tools

  • Electric grinder : It is a machine that is used to sand wood faster than a manual tool, and it is recommended to use it for large pieces of wood that require effort and time.
  • Electric mouse : It is a machine used to polish, smooth and level wooden surfaces, and it is used to remove larger parts of the electric stirrer.
  • Electric drill (drill) : It is used to make holes of various sizes in wood, and it is of two types:
  • A portable drill , which is a mobile drill that can be easily controlled, and it comes from wired or wireless (it runs on batteries).
  • Drill the table , and it is used in wooden carpentry to make holes with better accuracy.
  • Electric saw : It is of types:
  • Reciprocating saw , which is used to cut wood pieces in the form of curves and non-straight shapes, where you can control the direction of cutting with ease.
  • Circular saw , used to cut wood in a fast and straight line.
  • Table saw : It is used to cut wood accurately, where it is possible to control and measure distances better.


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