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The best wardrobe design.. to suit different spaces and tastes!

Designing a wardrobe is one of the distinctive tasks that you cannot do without, as it is one of the most important basic things that you need in designing your best bedrooms, which have different shapes and types that are very distinctive. You can select the wardrobe design that you want, whether from the inside or the outside, so that it is suitable with the space, shape and design of the room, whether it is modern (modern), classic or any other type.

Best wardrobe design ideas

  1. There is a very distinctive wardrobe design in which the wardrobe is divided into three upper shelves that are used to put bedclothes and towels on them, and the three shelves are equal and parallel to each other.
  2. One of the best wardrobe designs is large boxes at the bottom in which you can keep valuable items, and in the upper part of it there are shelves with a large space for storing clothes
  3. The most popular wardrobe design is the one in which there is ample space for you to hang clothes using a hanger and at the bottom there is a large space for storing shoes
  4. The sliding wardrobe design is considered one of the most popular modern designs at the moment, because it does not take up space at all and is easily opened by a sliding door.
  5. There are very distinctive cupboards that are equipped with a mirror outside, which gives a stunning light and beauty to the cupboard and the room as well, and most people dispense with the presence of any other mirror in the room and are satisfied with those that are in the cupboard.

Design a specialized wardrobe for narrow spaces

Many people face multiple problems due to the narrowness of the bedroom space and therefore there is not enough space, to put the wardrobe in it, but there are some designs that suit narrow spaces, namely:

  1. Wall wardrobe: This type is designed inside the wall so that it does not occupy a large area of ​​the room at all and is divided from the inside to suit all kinds of clothes and all needs as well.
  2. Sliding wardrobe: This type is considered one of the best types ever, as it does not have a wide door that takes a large place when opened, it is simply closed with a sliding door that fits in all narrow spaces.
  3. Library cupboard: This cupboard is very practical, because it is multi-tasking as you can use it as a normal cupboard, and you can also use it as a library to put all your supplies.
  4. L-shaped wardrobe: owners of narrow spaces turn to this type of design   to keep the rest of the space in the room in a practical way, and this wardrobe combines modern and classic designs at the same time.
  5. Door wardrobe: You can fool everyone with this design where the wardrobe is inside the wall and closed like a door and this does not take up large areas of the room at all.

Best colors and materials for wardrobe design

Color and material play an unparalleled role in bringing out the beauty of the wardrobe design like no other.

  1. The many overlapping cheerful colors are considered a modern and circulating fashion in the recent period in a striking way, especially light colors such as yellow, orange, light green and pink.
  2. The wooden cupboard is one of the best types of cupboards ever, as it is easy to clean and very practical and can carry the amount of your clothes and supplies, no matter how heavy it is. It also makes you enjoy all possible colors of dark, light, colorful and compact as well.
  3. The black color matches all rooms and you can try it in designing your wardrobe and you will have a classic exterior appearance characterized by  its attractive shape that impresses everyone who watches it.


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